Part 1 Becoming Lady St*rdust

I had the best/worst Halloweens in Los Angeles.

In 2012, I joined my friend Molly as an “egg” to her “bacon.” We got schwasted at the Cha-Cha Lounge in Silverlake, along with every other 20-something in the city dressed as Sexy R2-D2s. We finished the night strong at 4100 bar, where I met my ex-Mormon-future-boyfriend-future-future-ex-boyfriend after puking in the bathroom from too many pickle-backs. Romance is not dead.

VooDooWhoDoYouDoIn 2013, I dressed as a Voodoo Doll. This was a lonely night for me, even while standing next to my High Priestess and several million San Diego friends. I ended that night passed out on a couch outside.

In 2014, I had my first sober Halloween. I met my program friends for a scary movie night, where I won the costume contest for my “Blackmail” costume. I was a nervous wreck all night, but I went to bed by 1am–without the spins.Blackmail

This year, I’ll be joining my good friend, Fancie, for a Halloween-themed wedding where she will be the officiant. I’m going as a Pineapple, because it’s the fruitiest fruit and I can make my hair green. Pictures forthcoming.

image1 (2)

The most exciting part of this Halloween is not my costume depicting one part of a balanced diet; I get to witness my spiritual love nugget transform herself into Ziggy Stardust. Nicole is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. She teaches me how to respect myself, to own my naughties and niceses, and how to be an unapologetic badass.

When I discovered David Bowie as my Higher Power, I promised myself I would never try to dress up as him for Halloween. So it could not be more perfect that the Iggy to my Ziggy would announce this year as her year to become Bowie. She is currently on the hunt for the perfect, high-intensity boots.

image1 (3)

“I’m doing this. Because I know exactly what I’m doing.”

-Nicole, Lady Stardust in waiting, in LA

This is Nicole in her one-of-a-kind unitard. Between the two of us, we could not fucking figure out the difference between a leotard and a unitard. But, I digress. I will unveil her costume in these next couple of days leading up to Halloween.

Update: No news on her shoes. This evening, we attempted to figure out what kind of foot shape she is. Pear? Banana? Apple? Who the hell knows. Her friend, who is shoe-knowledgeable, offered these fruit-themed foot shapes as reference points. Wish her luck.image1 (1)


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I write about my womanly experiences in sobriety, most of which I'm glad I remember.

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